Hours Worked Policy Statement

Weld-A-Rail Ltd recognizes their responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide a safe system of work and thereby reduce any potential risk to ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable).

Weld-A-Rail Ltd acknowledges the increase in risk to our employees, other contractors, passengers, visitors and those affected by working excessive hours.

Additionally, we recognise our responsibilities under Railway Group Standard NR/L2/OHS/003 Fatigue Risk Management and NR/GN/INI/001

Guidance on the Management of Door to Door Work & Travel Time we will:

  • Not work more than 13 turns of duty within any 14 consecutive days.
  • Not work more than 72 hours within 7 consecutive days.
  • Have a minimum rest period of 12 hours between consecutive shifts.
  • Not work more than 12 hours in any one shift (or other lesser period) as appropriate to the health and safety requirements for the particular task to be undertaken.

The arrangements in place to implement this policy form part of the company’s day to day operational processes, as detailed in Work Instruction WQW208 Control & Monitoring of Hours Worked and as such are reviewed on a continuous basis.

Where opportunities for improvement in the management of safe working hours or safety problems are identified they will be tackled promptly, and with sufficient resources, to ensure that they are dealt with adequately.

The implementation of this policy will be monitored throughout the company in order to ensure compliance with its objectives.

This policy statement will be formally reviewed on an annual basis.




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